In addition to the farm, Michael has also started a consultant business, Prescott Livestock Consulting LLC.  He works closely with other farmers and ranchers to ensure that their herd is running at top performance.  Michael uses Mix 30 as well as a real amino acid chelated mineral in their operations and has seen significant results in health and reproductive performance.

Mix 30

Mix 30 Liquid Feed is a "high energy" protein supplement created from a combination of corn and soy-based co-products. This proprietary blend of ingredients results in a palatable, consistent, nutrient-rich product that supplies a judicious combination of both protein and energy for all ruminant diets. Most liquid fermentation co-products are lacking nutritionally, in one or more aspects, but this is where Mix 30 is different and superior to other supplements. Agridyne combines these ingredients in a manner that overcomes these inadequacies, and in doing so takes full advantage of each ingredient's positive nutritional attributes. In addition to other ingredient's nutritional inadequacies, these liquid fermentation co-products are also very inconsistent. Agridyne has solved this by employing large batch technology in its manufacturing process, effectively eliminating the variability inherent in each individual ingredient.

Mix 30 was developed as an alternative to traditional molasses liquid feed. Mix 30 is versatile and can be used successfully in a wide variety of feeding situations. Agridyne's goal in developing Mix 30 was to produce a quality product that was palatable to the animal, economical to use and consistent and nutritionally superior to the individual ingredients on the market. Agridyne experimented and evaluated over 60 different combinations of the various ingredients that were on the market at the time. Eventually, the field was narrowed to two blends, and after extensive field trial, it was determined that blend #30 was the ideal ingredient combination. "Ideal", as it provides a wide range of benefits in all segments of the cattle industry. The product was fittingly labeled Mix 30 and the rest is history, but more importantly, our customers continue to have success year after year with Mix 30.

tracer minerals

Trace minerals are essential nutritional components of animal feed rations that make a big difference to your animal's health. That part seems obvious, but what many operations don't realize is how important these minerals are to maximize your animal's food utilization and to improve immunity and reproductive potential.

Not all trace minerals are created equally. Since the digestive system has two main functions, digestion and absorption, it's important to understand the difference between those two terms. Digestion is the mechanical and chemical breakdown of food material to prepare for absorption. Absorption is the passage of molecules through the mucous membranes of the small intestines to the blood or lymph system for distribution to the body’s cells.

Since the small intestine's absorption process comes after the stomach's digestion process, using amino acid chelated minerals is extremely valuable to your operation. Most minerals break down during digestion, but our amino acid chelated minerals are chemically formulated to withstand the stomach's digestion process and maximize your animal's ability to absorb and fully utilize the minerals you are feeding them.

Several decades of testing, research, and quality manufacturing show that true amino acid chelates are the most bioavailable, best absorbed, and most retained form of all minerals on the market.

Michael also sells an extensive line of livestock equipment including EZ-Haul Hay trailers, Lewis Cattle Oilers and other cattle equipment.

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