Our herd consists of a quality group of beef recipients that are selected for reproductive performance, ability to calve, a calm disposition and milking ability. These cows are synchronized in larger groups for Fall and Spring calving options. (Hoping to offer January calving in the near future)

Fresh or frozen embryos will be implanted with a Grade 1 requirement. A licensed embryologist will be performing the implantation.

 At 90 days an ultrasound pregnancy check will be performed. Pregnant cows are available for purchase at this time otherwise cows will be calved out at the farm. Creep will be provided at 3 months of age for 60 days and weaning will take place at 5 months of age. Calves will also receive vaccinations before pickup. Calves will be available for pickup at 5 months of age after weaning.

Herd health is our #1 priority, so we work closely with a network of veterinarians, nutritionists, and livestock care specialists to ensure that we provide you with a quality recipient fit to carry your genetics.

For more info please call Michael Prescott at 217-741-1100